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Asobase Kotoba Language of Play

TRANSCRIPTION: Hi, we are at the Zen Garden at the John Hamann Museum in West Chester County New York, where we’re going to work with the Joseph Campbell quote from Myths to Live By, about Asobase Kotoba. “There is a curious, extremely interesting term in Japanese that refers to a very special manner of polite […]

Playing the Game of 2017 – Part I

Say a Powerful “Good Bye” to 2016 Take Doug Motel’s online webinar on “completing” 2016. This 24 minute video is about playing the game of performing an emotional/spiritual cleansing of the previous year in order to make room for the coming year.  

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Tragic Pursuit of His Birthright

Webster’s Dictionary describes a tragedy as a “drama describing a conflict between the protagonist and a superior force, and having a sorrowful conclusion”. The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman of a heroin overdose struck me as a great tragedy. Like so many tragedies that we stand on the sidelines gawking at, I am struck by […]

A Reason Happens for Everything

  Have you ever had a huge crush on someone and become convinced that they were “the one” only to discover that they didn’t feel the same way about you and then years later you see them and think “What on earth was I thinking? I sure dodged a bullet there!” Or have you ever […]

Tips for Dealing with Life’s Ups and Downs

  Last week a dear friend was in tears because she had one more lash in what has been seeming to her like a whipping coming from the employment Gods. She has had a streak of bad money luck. My first thought was something that my friend Jodi once said. It is a quote I […]

A Winter’s Tale or How To Weather Any Weather

  I just read a weather report that we are expecting wind chill factors of 20 to 30 degrees below zero in our region tonight. Really? I mean that is like cray cray okay?  Like Arctic explorer. Like photo-of-you-and-your-sled-dogs-in-National-Geographic type stuff right there.  That is like “yeah we bought a house on Pluto and have […]

5 Tips for Living a Vibrant, Ageless Life

Happy Birthday to me! today is my 52nd birthday which means I am more than halfway to my goal of living to be 100. Recently a good friend was lamenting the loss of HER friend who had just died. In an attempt to  ease her grief she said “I mean he WAS in his 50’s […]