There has been nothing but praise and enthusiasm from the staff. I hope you continue to present your wonderful talent to others and return soon.

It has been a long time since we’ve had such a quick response to one of our offerings. The evaluations turned in were unanimously positive. I am going to recommend your work in future employee training. Because of you, our team has experienced a way to live life more fully. That is a special gift. You had the highest possible ratings. The comments included: “Highly Evolved” “Doug Motel was a great speaker.” “Inspirational.” “The speaker’s use of humor while helping me to reach inside in regards to the inner voice was most helpful.” “It was a great help to my life.”

Doug Motel makes “conscious comedy” he makes us laugh and he makes us think.

Doug has an unusually sensitive and compassionate manner. His ability to use humor as a healing tool is evident. We intend to bring Doug back this fall.

The experience of having Doug Motel as a coach has quite literally transformed my life, from a dreamer to a doer, from an artist blocked to an artist on a roll….If you are ready to have your life changed in miraculous ways-Doug helps you do it.

Thank you for your excellent presentation. It was just what the doctor ordered! Staff member’s comments include – “thought-provoking, very funny, carrying a meaningful message, assisting in transition, stimulating, invaluable, life-enhancing.” We hope that many an audience will be able to enjoy your talent to use humor as a tool for healing.

On behalf of the New York State Travel & Vacation Association, I wish to thank you for speaking at the Empire State Tourism Conference. “The Power of the Tourism Industry” theme was a success because of you and because of your session!

Doug’s gift-and it’s definitely a gift-is in supporting you to accomplish your goals by reaching each “next step” with consistent, achievable actions. He cuts the biggest obstacles into bite-sized pieces and helps you maximize your ability to reach your dreams.

Thank you again for a fantastic event!  Your participation helped us score one of the highest overall satisfaction ratings ever!

Talk Topics

Taking the Game View: Using Play and Gamification to Channel Brilliant Ideas

Explores how creative teams can gamify processes to drive results.

Doug will show you how approaching challenges as if they were games can increase creativity, motivation, productivity, and learning. He offers practical tips for implementing effective gamification techniques. 

Whether you’re looking to boost employee engagement or improve overall performance, this talk will give you the tools you need to turn everyone into a star player.

Aloha for Leaders

Bring a touch of Hawaiian spirituality to your next event with a keynote speech by Doug Motel. 

Drawing on the ancient principles of his Hawaiian ancestors, Doug will share insights on how leaders can build more motivated, compassionate, accountable, and sustainable workplaces. 

In today’s fast-paced and often stressful business environment, employees may feel disconnected, undervalued, or burnt out. The principles of Hawaiian spirituality, such as Ohana, Kuleana, and Malama, offer a framework for building more positive workplace cultures that prioritize the well-being of employees, the community, and the environment.

By incorporating these principles into their leadership style, individuals and companies can create more harmonious, productive, and successful organizations.

From Saboteur to Superstar: A Fun Approach to Managing Your Self-Talk and Achieving Results

Join acclaimed comedy performer Doug Motel for a funny and insightful keynote presentation designed to refresh your mindset. In this engaging and interactive talk, Doug will share his unique perspective on the power of our inner voices and how they can either hold us back or propel us forward.

Through humorous characters and practical tips, he will help you identify and overcome the “sub-personalities” that hold you back in order to achieve greater success and fulfillment as a leader, and ultimately, develop a stronger sense of self.

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