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Hungry Like the Wolf – How Movies Can Keep Us Feeling Empty

DiCaprio bringing us down but brilliantly Last night my friend Tim and I went to see The Wolf of Wall Street. I was eager  to see it because I think there are few filmmakers around with the imagination of Martin Scorsese and his films are always better on the big screen.  I was also curious […]

Tips for Dealing with Life’s Ups and Downs

Last week a dear friend was in tears because she had one more lash in what has been seeming to her like a whipping coming from the employment Gods. She has had a streak of bad money luck. My first thought was something that my friend Jodi once said. It is a quote I loved […]

A Winter’s Tale or How To Weather Any Weather

  I just read a weather report that we are expecting wind chill factors of 20 to 30 degrees below zero in our region tonight. Really? I mean that is like cray cray okay?  Like Arctic explorer. Like photo-of-you-and-your-sled-dogs-in-National-Geographic type stuff right there.  That is like “yeah we bought a house on Pluto and have […]

5 Tips for Living a Vibrant, Ageless Life

Happy Birthday to me! today is my 52nd birthday which means I am more than halfway to my goal of living to be 100. Recently a good friend was lamenting the loss of HER friend who had just died. In an attempt to  ease her grief she said “I mean he WAS in his 50’s […]