“The experience of having Doug Motel as a coach, has quite literally transformed my life, from a dreamer to a doer, from an artist blocked to an artist on a roll….If you are ready to have your life changed in miraculous ways-Doug helps you do it.”
-Patrice Karst, Bestselling Author; GOD MADE EASY (Warner Books)

“What, exactly does he do as a coach? Doug’s gift-and it’s definitely a gift-is in supporting you to accomplish your goals by reaching each “next step” with consistent, achievable actions. He cuts the biggest obstacles into bite-sized pieces, and helps you maximize your ability to reach your dreams. ”
-Dave Egan, President, Scripts Direct

 The 90 Creative Project Coaching Plan

The Vision: Crafting Your Personal Masterpiece
What if you had a blueprint for any project you wanted to take on—a new job, a relationship, a home redesign, or starting a business? As your Creative Project Coach, I offer you that roadmap.

Mindset: Beyond Skill Sets
Whether you’re launching a startup or redecorating your home, your mindset is crucial. I’ll guide you in developing a mindset that combines resilience, innovation, and a commitment to growth, helping you achieve success in any area you choose.

The Creative Process: Nurturing Your Vision
The journey from idea to execution is a sacred one, regardless of the project. I walk you through this process, ensuring your endeavors are not just completed but fulfilled to their maximum potential. Think of it as the art of project realization.

Marketing: Making Your Mark
For those of you keen on starting a business or gaining public traction for any project, I’ll share effective marketing strategies to amplify your voice without losing your individuality.

The Holistic Approach: From Dream to Reality
What sets me apart is the complete toolkit I offer. From conceptualization to mindset and marketing, I provide a 360-degree coaching experience that’s designed to turn your creative aspirations—whatever they may be—into concrete achievements.

If you’re ready to move beyond dreaming and start doing, I’m here to facilitate that journey. With my guidance, you’ll not just complete projects; you’ll craft life experiences.

Through weekly telephone calls*, usually 30 minutes in length, I will help you to clarify the mission and purpose of your project, break it down into realistic “bite-sized” bits, schedule the to-do items and milestones then lead you through the process of completing or revising your projects.

Need help…

Clarifying your mission or purpose?

Playing the game of bringing your focus back to the present?

Telling the story about your business on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc?

Coaching works. Individuals or teams who are ready to create a new project or take a current project to the next level, see immediate results from coaching.

Accountability The main reason that having a coach works is accountability from an outsider. Simply put: we are 10 times more likely to actually complete a task when they have an appointment with someone who is going to ask them if they did it or not!

Powerful Listening
As a creative person, I am sensitive to the ebb and flow of energy that is the journey of taking on a new project. My experience in managing my own creative projects and the projects of others has given me a deep understanding of some of the internal barriers that can block our way.

Who is Coaching for?

Coaching is for people with healthy self-esteem who have a project or result that they are ready to bring forth or promote. The ideal candidate for working with me is someone who recognizes the need for an extra bit of support in staying motivated and focused in order to push through to the next level. Or someone committed to doing what it takes to get the word out there about their goods and services.

Coaching is effective for groups as well as for individuals. Often projects which require teamwork can greatly benefit from an outside objective on how to steer an effort in the right direction to get to the goal.

Sessions are held over video conferencing software and the telephone.

Coaching Cost

Cost is $75 per half-hour session.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted.