Doug Motel in the News

“Conscious Comedy: Doug Motel Performs This Saturday at Unison in New Paltz”

The Almanac Weekly

Doug Motel has done stand-up in Times Square and Los Angeles, been a bit player in the movies and may be best-known in some circles as a villain in the live-action pilot for The Tick. But today, he has landed in Rosendale, Ulster County, and has an 1870s farmhouse to contain his wife, “singer/ritualist/cultural events programmer” (as she is billed in the press release) Carrie Wykoff, his two-year-old daughter Maitreya and himself. Motel will be doing a fundraiser performance of his new one-man show, starDUST: Adventures in Consciousness at Unison in New Paltz on July 26.

Motel said that the new show came to be as a result of pitching a previous one: “There were some producers in New York interested in one of my other shows. Afterwards, I found myself telling them some stories about my fife. The next day. they came back to me and said, “We think we can raise some money for your show if you include some of those stories you told us!” Motel said that he tried to rewrite the show and insert those stories, but it didn’t work. His wife pointed out that he had, in fact, material for a new show.  more>>

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“One-man show, lots to think about”

Blue Stone Press

One-man show, lots to think about

By Donna Cohh Viertel

ESP Reporter

On July 26 at 8 p.m., theatre-loving audiences at the Unison Arts Center in New Paltz will be treated to an evening of true-life tales by an award-winning show business veteran who is presenting a brand new one-person show. Actor and playwright Doug Motel,.. more>>

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“Comedy that makes you think”

Ulster County Press

‘Comedy that makes you think’ BY RICH THOMASELLI

Ulster County resident Doug Motel brings his one-man show to Unison

Since when does comedy make you go ‘Hmmm?’ When it’s in the hands of actor, comedian, storyteller and award-winning playwright Doug Motel. The Ulster County resident will expound on his views on life, and some of the humorous, touching and inspiring experiences of his time in show business and as an eyewitness to some of America’s defining moments – such as the L.A. riots and the attack on the World Trade Center on Sept. 11…more>>

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“Salad Springs Forth From the Fertile Mind of Doug Motel”

Los Angeles Times

Welcome to the theatrical schizophrenia of Doug Motel. “I wanted to give people a mental massage, let them take a break from their own brains for an hour”, says the writer-performer whose one man show ‘Mind-Salad’ is playing late nights at the Coast Playhouse. In the piece, Motel (an adopted nom de plume) spins into 30 characters, from such real-life figures as local cable host Skip E. Lowe, singer Steve Lawrence and late comedian Paul Lynde, to a fictional 9-year-old boy and a 6-foot-4 black drag queen…. more>>

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“Do Yourself a Favor and Visit ‘Shiva Arms’”

The Acorn – Out on the Town

Doug Motel is quite a character. Eleven of them, in fact. The 37-year-old stars in Shiva Arms, a one-man play that bears the name of the dilapidated Hollywood apartment house around which the action centers. Tenants in the building range from Mr. Chandra, owner of both the apartment house around which the action centers…more>>

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 “Doug Motel: Actor, Writer and Motivational Speaker”

Who’s Who: all about

A critic once wrote that “It Tracey Ullman and Eric Bogosian had a child it would be Doug Motel.” And if Motel could choose his parents, he claims they actually would be Ullman and motivational speaker/guru Tony Robbins – a likely mix considering that the actor and writer has been performing since the age of 9 and has been presenting personal growth seminars for the past ten years.

Motel, who left his New Jersey home at 18 to pursue his acting cereer in New York, has created several solo plays, and has been nominated for two LA Weekly Theater awards for best solo performance in 1992 for the solo play “Mind Salad” and in 1998 for “Shiva Arms”. He’s also appeared in showtime’s “Attack of the 5 Foot 2 Woman” and “Love Streets” and also stars French actress Clara Bellar in the upcoming indie film “The Waiting Game”…more>>

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“Motel returns to ‘genuine audience’”

Ojai Valley News – People

Is it that people with stories to tell just naturally seem to find Ojai or does Ojai attract people with stories to tell? Ten years ago, Doug Motel, an award-winning storyteller, writer, speaker and coach, was invited to Ojai, by Theater 150’s co-founder Kim Maxwell (Brown), for the fledgling theater’s inaugural show, “Shiva Arms”. The play, which centered on a Hollywood  apartment manager and the pivotal event that took place at his building and transformed the lives of its residents, won him, among other awards…more>>

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“Doug Prepares for Performance by Opening his Heart”

Ojai Valley News

Does he practice “the method” to prepare for a solo play?
Does he do push-ups until he foams at the mouth, or chain-smoke Camels before a performance?

Doug Motel, who is currently starring in the solo play “Mind Salad” at Theater 150, has one thing he does before performing – he opens his heart.