This is the Show

A Memoir with Music
Written, Composed and Performed by Doug Motel

This is the Show – In this sung and spoken word performance, actor/writer Doug Motel continues his winning formula of biting comedic observation, catchy, theatrical-pop, songwriting and soulful vocals.

A comedy performer throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, Motel is affectionately known by his fans as one of comedy’s “best-kept secrets”.

Utilizing his trademark wit and thought-provoking song lyrics, This is the Show gives audiences a humorous, musical peek behind the Hollywood curtain as he pursues his ultimate goal…becoming a superstar! Along the way he switches coasts, witnesses history, and even has a run-in with none other than Mike Tyson.

Beginning with his childhood in 1960’s Atlantic City, This is the Show tells of Motel’s rise from self-proclaimed “village idiot” to award-winning performer, and all the not-so-glamorous awkwardness in-between.

Whether it’s sneaking into the Grammy awards as a wide-eyed 19-year-old, or resorting to pimping his voice for a phone sex company, This is the Show leaves no stone of Motel’s experiences unturned, proving that on the road of life, the journey from A to Z is very rarely a straight line but it is the surprises along the way that make the ride.

2017 Workshops: Kim Maxwell Studio – Ojai, CA, Buriel Clay Memorial Theatre – San Francisco and The 13th St. Repertory Theatre – NYC.

Listen to the title track, This is the Show.
DVD of Workshop available HERE.